Haines Marine

A brochure website that showcases the premium boating luxury offered by Haines Marine.

The Challenge

Haines Marine are a top-of-the-line, family-owned boatbuilding business based in Norfolk. They’re a traditional company committed to producing hand-built perfection and offering their clients extra value whenever they can. That’s why, when they asked us to completely rebuild and re-imagine their old, outdated website, we immediately knew that luxury, timelessness, and traditional family values should be the cornerstones of that new vision. The Haines Marine team agreed, and then we went to work.

Website design for premium boat builders

The Solution

A website like this is essentially an elegant online brochure. It’s all about showcasing the business and the product and telling the visitor everything they need to know without overwhelming them with unnecessary details. First and foremost, though, the WordPress website we built for Haines Marine doesn’t lose sight of the fact they’re a family business offering unparalleled knowledge and experience. Haines Marine doesn’t just make a high-end, aspirational product; they are all about connecting with people and giving them the best experience possible. That was our focus when we began putting the website together.

Desktop and mobile web design

To begin with, we brought in copywriters to the project, and spoke in-depth to the client to ensure we fully understood the Haines Marine experience. Then, because we wanted to demonstrate the same attention to detail in our website as Haines do in their boatbuilding, we ensured that the website design looked incredible and used clean and clear copywriting throughout. Just as importantly, because the key message of a brochure website is always wrapped up in the imagery, we ensured that the premium high-resolution photographs we selected were as large and eye-catching as possible.

We also included quotes from the client wherever it was appropriate so that the visitor wouldn’t lose sight of Haines Marine’s personal touch.