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If you want an infinitely customisable, responsive and high-performing website, we recommend choosing us as your WordPress web designers.

There’s a reason why WordPress for web design is the most popular content management system in the world. It allows WordPress web developers like us to build powerful websites that look great to the user and work seamlessly at the back end.

For you, this means that whatever your vision for your website is, we can find a workable solution in WordPress. Our web developers specialise in working with WordPress, so any web design challenge you throw at us should be something we’ve come across before.

What matters to us is that we create a web design package unique to you that meets your exact criteria. So, once it’s completed, you find it easy to maintain and your customers enjoy the experience of visiting your digital shopfront.

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WordPress support services

We have supported hundreds of businesses with their WordPress requirements for over a decade, from new builds, upgrades and maintenance to consultancy and training. It can be daunting for website owners who do not have technical experience in house, and we are happy to offer a helping hand, whether that’s with one of our monthly WordPress support plans or ad-hoc amends. Here are some of the WordPress website support services that we can offer you.

Website audit

Website audit

Our website audits can cover the health of your website from a technical perspective, but also review your existing standing in the market against your competitors with SEO analysis.

Website improvements

Website improvements

We can work with your team to not only get those updates done that you’ve been thinking about for ages, but also pro-actively recommend changes that will improve your conversion rate.

Website speed

Website speed

Users hate a slow loading website, and Google does too! We can recommend and implement changes to shave those loading times right down to avoid that dreaded high bounce rate.

Website security

WordPress security

Prevention is far better than reaction with website security. If your website is not well maintained, a hack can expose you to data leaks and loss of hard-earned Google rankings.

Plugin maintenance

WordPress maintenance

We provide monthly WordPress maintenance packages to make sure your WordPress core version, plugins and theme all work consistently seamless together.

Website consultancy

Consultancy & training

The more competent you and your team are at managing your own WordPress website the better. We can provide consultancy and training in all areas of your website and digital marketing.

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Why Choose WordPress?

Here are the four main benefits of commissioning an agency who specialises in WordPress web design and why it’ll make your life easier.

Bespoke website build

Build Bespoke

WordPress is open-source software, which means it’s free for developers to use, change and customise. You don’t have to rely on an out-of-the-box template to create your site because the WordPress platform can be customised in any way you choose. So, no matter what you need from your website, there will be a solution in WordPress.

Clean website code

Clean Code

Your customers are used to searching for a company on their device or desktop and waiting mere seconds for their website to load. But websites can slow down if the code used to build them is full of bugs. Our bespoke WordPress development use clean code that significantly reduces this problem, preventing your website from losing users because they are waiting too long.

Website algorithms

Beat the Algorithms

When search engine algorithms change, you risk losing your ranking if your website isn’t ready. But with WordPress development, you can adapt to these changes fast. For online businesses, that means you can be agile in adapting your marketing strategies and content when things change, preserving your position in the market.

Take control

Take Control

It doesn’t matter what level of tech skill you possess WordPress is so easy to use that once the site is built, you can take over. Although we’ll be there to support you if you need more technical WordPress help, you’ll find it simple to manage your site and post new content. This means you don’t have to pay a web developer every time you need to make a change.

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