Designed and developed an engaging platform offering creative short courses and resources to guide aspiring professionals into the creative industries.

The Challenge

Aspiring creatives face the challenge of navigating the complex landscape of creative industries without access to firsthand insights and practical guidance. Additionally, with the rising demand for creativity in today's job market, the need for accessible resources to support individuals on their career paths becomes increasingly urgent.

creativeLDN website design

The Solution

As the agency entrusted with the development of creativeLDN, we embarked on creating a dynamic solution tailored to their needs.

creativeLDN website design

We crafted a bespoke Learndash WordPress website specifically designed to host the engaging short courses. This platform serves as a comprehensive hub for aspiring creatives, offering not only interactive courses but also an organised directory of resource information. Through creativeLDN, individuals can access invaluable insights and practical guidance, empowering them to navigate the creative industries with confidence and clarity.

creativeLDN was a project involving many different stakeholders in Higher Education. JMJ quickly understood our brief and brought together all these different inputs to create a site that looked and felt unified in its mission and message. Communication was timely and consistent with our team, which made deadlines a lot easier. We’ve received great feedback from schools and colleges on the site, and are happy with the user experience.